About the Dorward Flock

In 2015, I realized that I had gone as far as I could go in developing my grade Cormo flock.  It was time to commit to the raising and promotion of a pure breed while embracing all of the associated challenges and benefits thereof.

Bluefaced Leicesters were a clear and easy choice.  Here is a breed with great meat characteristics, desirable wool, multiple lambs,  and sweet personalities, to boot!  Breeding purebred animals is a contribution to the future and the sustainability of sheep-raising.

My foundation stock originated at Smiling Sheep Farm in Milton, New Hampshire, and Pitchfork Ranch and Beechtree Farm, both in Michigan.  These farms pass muster in their attention to quality and dedication to sustaining the breed.  The foundation stock reflects the best of American and UK bloodlines.

My breeding goals center on thriftiness, wide and muscular bodies, prolificacy, and good fleece character.  While BFL fiberstock (purebred sheep with beautiful fleece for fiber farms)  will be available in the first few years, I will only offer registered breeding stock when the flock is well-established and producing consistent and outstanding quality.  I don’t think it would be ethical to do otherwise.   Please feel welcome to contact me well in advance if you are interested in fiberstock or Registered breeding stock.